Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our lil guy -- 23w3d

Just a couple shots for your viewing pleasure:

Jim, in typical guys fashion, is so proud of this first shot. =) Every u/s we have confirms that we are indeed having a boy, but now we have the photo to prove it. The tech was so helpful to draw an arrow at his "parts," just in case we couldn't decipher the anatomy.

In this one, his mouth was going nuts - you could tell he was sucking/swallowing, so I'm not sure if he was aiming his fist at his mouth or what, but it was so, so sweet.

As for how the rest of the appointment went with the specialist on Wednesday.... I wasn't actually slotted to see Dr. Sundjeri, and the tech was not at liberty to go over the ultrasound results, so, I know very little more than I knew before the appointment. I did ask the technician what she had been ordered to look for, and she was able to tell me they were checking on the following: baby's weight, height, and overall measurements (all good, by the way -- he was 1 lb 5 oz); the size and or/presence of the blood clot discovered in July (we're hoping it's 100% gone); and the blood flow between the uterine artery and the placenta (I had abnormal results when I was in the hospital in early August).

The next appointment is this coming Friday (9/14) with Dr. Gibbs, and I'm hopeful for all good news.


nickoletta100 said...

Sounds great!! Congrats on making a baby boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL That's Jim for you. :) I'm so glad that Sprout gave you a good show! I LOVE the u/s at the stage of the game. They look like babies, but they aren't too squished in there. :) I hope that it is all good news with the doctor!