Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's even more perfect than I expected!

My "carrot" chair is here!!!! (Jim calls it that, and I can't argue, as that is the official fabric color.) Isn't it fabulous? (Click on the photo to enlarge -- the detail in the fabric is wonderful!)

Sprout says "thank you so much, Gramp-e and Grandma!!!!" I know that Jim and I will both spend many precious hours in this chair, feeding, rocking, reading to, and merely loving on The Nameless One.

We couldn't be happier with this final furniture addition to the room (and it will be the last piece of furniture, as you can see in the post above that the room is full with a capital F). Now for all the fun stuff -- the onesies and books and toys and blankets that will come in the next several weeks. We already feel so blessed with the layette that has lovingly been started; thanks to Jerry and Nikki for Sprout's first gifts -- they've just kept coming since then!

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