Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The littlest Tribe fan....

Until tonight, I would have said that Jacob Genos was the littlest Indian fan I knew (he's the 1-year-old son of our youth pastors Matt and Jenny, who are also die hard Cleveland fans). But as I sit here tonight, watching game 5 of the ALCS playoffs -- timeout! Tribe is now up 6-0 after a 3-run homer in the 5th!!! -- anyways, I digress. I'm sitting here and Sprout is just thumping away in my belly, and I think Jacob has to relinquish his title.

Sprout's been so active today -- he woke me up at 3:45 this morning, and has been non-stop since. But it's been mostly normal rolls and kicks, varying if I'm sitting or standing, or if I need to eat or pee. But tonight, as I've been watching the game, he has started a new pattern: still and quiet when Boston is up to bat (which is fitting, as their bats have been silent! ha!), and as soon as the Indians are at the plate.... thump, thump, thump. It's probably all in my head, I know. But I'm touched, as I sit here, hoping -- just hoping -- that this little boy might have some Samas in him after all.

Gregory genes are so dominant -- just look at the resemblance between Jim and his dad! -- that I have no doubt I'm growing Jim's mini-me. =) But just maybe, our son will be a night owl like me, and I'll actually have some company after 9 pm. If he like Cleveland baseball....that's even better. (Lord knows, he won't be allowed to be a Browns fan!)

It's now 7-0, 2 outs in the bottom of the 5th, but I'll sign off for now. Go Tribe!


Karen At Home Blog said...

Hello, I am so glad to hear your little guy is a future Tribe fan!! We are so excited for Game 5 tonight, I can barely concentrate at work today. Your nursery turned out so beautiful, you must be so proud everytime you walk in there. Take care and go tribe!!!


Anonymous said...

I finally took time to get on this site and check up on you. I am not surprised at all by the many "challenging" upsets you have encountered during this pregnancy, but I would have wished for you an easier journey. Unfortunately, doing medical things the hard way is pretty s.o.p. for you, right? I am blown away by your spirit - you are amazing in your positive outlook, your pure anticipation of your little one - all made possible because of your love and faith in our Lord. THank you for having such a consistent testimony of God's grace and patience with all of us! You are a blessing, and both Jim and your little "Sprout" are blessed of the Lord to have you in their lives!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam - I bet "Sprout" was quiet Thursday night - Tribe needs him to watch game 6.

He can get season tickets with me next year. Or just hang out at my place.

love, Dad-e/Gramp-e