Monday, October 22, 2007

Start the baby pools....

Today, my routine appt with Dr. Gibbs ended up being anything but.

First sign of abnormal: higher than usual blood pressure. Not too bad, but indicative.

Next, I was treated to my first internal. Not too unpleasant (as I'd heard it would be), but a tad bit invasive. And what do you know? Sprout is no longer breech!! How, you may ask, did Dr. Gibbs determine this without an ultrasound? Well, he could feel his head! No wonder I have been feeling so much pressure in my lower pelvic area.

Dr. Gibbs said that I'm not dilating yet, but that I'm "thinning" out. When I told him my new target goal was 36w, he merely laughed, said goals were good, but that this baby was coming sooner than later. Oh my!

I have an ultrasound at 11:30 Tuesday to give Dr. Gibbs a better idea of what's what in there. I also get to visit with my new doctor, Dr. Shipes (it's a girl!), who is a colo-rectal specialist. Apparently, the hemorrhoid(s) I've been lamenting over may be a little more severe/problematic than just uncomfortable. Dr. Gibbs is concerned about a blood clot, with all the pressure Sprout is now exerting downward. So...yea! Another doctor.

Jim's appt with his doctor was a little less involved. He has to continue to wear the knee brace this week, and needs to do some exercises at home, but should be on the mend (and ready to tend to his wife) soon. Big YEA there!

In the meantime, we are going to venture to Lamaze class (actually, it's entitled Birth, Babies, and Beyond) tonight, although I can't help but think Sprout will make his appearance before the 6-week class is up.

Believe me, though, I'm a-ok with that; the end is in sight!!!

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nickoletta100 said...

Very exciting!!! I hope you can finish the class though!