Friday, October 19, 2007

Save the dates

Okay, not really, but if you're one of my "mother hens" who are tracking my appts, here is the newest batch of upcoming events:

Monday, 10/22 - weekly appt with Dr. Gibbs
Tuesday, 10/23 - u/s with Dr. Gibbs
Tuesday, 10/23 - appt with Dr. Shipes, my new colo-rectal specialist (yipee)
Tuesday, 10/30 - weekly appt with Dr. Gibbs
Wednesday, 10/31 - fetal growth scan (u/s) with Dr. Sunderji
Thursday, 11/1 - renal u/s
Monday, 11/5 - weekly appt with Dr. Gibbs
Monday, 11/12 - weekly appt with Dr. Gibbs
Friday, 11/16 - renal u/s flw up appt with Dr. Emmert (this appt will most likely determine if and/or when I will need to have an operation to place a stint in my right kidney)

Ugh. Looking at it, all spelled out like that, is sad. I love my doctors, but hate seeing them so frequently. At least there are a couple fun events on the calendar to break it up, like the start of childbirth classes, our trip to Cinci, and my baby shower.

As I told someone yesterday, the days themselves are stringing together nicely and the weeks seem to be passing quickly; it's the 18-hour days that stretch on forever......Thank God for the distraction of the Internet!

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