Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesdays seem to mean drama for us...

Two weeks ago, after a long battle with a cold, I was told by my ob's office, "You need to go see your primary care physician; we think you have pneumonia." Last week, Dr. Emmert informed me of my dysfunctional kidney. Great. Today, I'm surprised by a (brace yourself) pantyliner full of blood. Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

So, I call Dr. Gibbs, and am rushed in for an ultrasound. Surprise! Guess who decided to rearrange himself for the first time in this pregnancy? Sprout is BREECH! (Under normal circumstance, being breech at 28w is not a big deal; in my case, it is.) Our gymnast is going to town, kicking away at my poor cervix. This could be one cause of the blood.

Option #2: we are dealing with another placental abruption. If this proves to be the case (which, basically means I will notice continued heavy bleeding), I will be admitted to the hospital and they will take Sprout via C-section ASAP.

Option #3 could be that that blood was the original clot from the abruption in July. Since Sprout has been head down and engaged in the birthing position, there was no way for the clot to pass his head and escape the uterus. Now that he is breech, and his head has unblocked my cervix, the clot may have "leaked" out. Who know? Dr. Gibbs was not able to tell much, even with an internal exam, due to the amount of blood and sensitivity of my cervix.

Dr. Gibbs recommended that I come home, rest, and pack a bag. He said that any more bleeding would most likely land my butt permanently in the hospital. (Bye, bye Thanksgiving dinner at my house. =( Boo!)

I haven't gotten around to packing that bag yet; I've been permanently afixed to the couch since coming home earlier today.

I'm tired and drained, and admittedly ready for this pregnancy to end. Jim and I are both very, very confident in the outcome of all this drama. We know that we will be blessed with a feisty, healthy son at the end of this journey, but I have to say, I'm ready to be done. This has been a scary, tiring, emotional 6 months. Thank you all for your support and prayers. We need it, and appreciate every kind word spoken and gesture done on our behalf.

I will keep this site as updated as possible as things develop in the coming days/weeks...

xoxoxo - Monica


Anonymous said...

Monica & Jim, Our prayers & thoughts are with you always. If there is anything else we can do, just give us a call.

Love to all three,
Aunt Vikki & Uncle Jeff

nickoletta100 said...

Hugs to you, hoping Sprout can stay put for a lot longer with no more drama!

Anonymous said...


As always, you know you can contact us if you need ANYTHING (tell Jim that, too!). You, Jim & Sprout are in our prayers. Please try to take comfort in knowing that it is all in God's hands & everything happens for a reason, whether we fully understand it or not. I'm so sorry that you have to be going through this right now. We'll be thinking of you!!

Sara, Doug, Zeke & Micah :)