Friday, July 4, 2008

How we've spent our holiday weekend so far:

So, the long weekend has gotten off to a leisurely start for the Gregorys.

In anticipation of the annual Wirick July 3rd party, we:

Took a bath

Worked our fuax hawk like a rock star...gotta be stylin' for the chics

Ate some veggies. Mmmm, celery!

Got into our jammies and rolled around on the floor with Gramma
(psst...check out my new teeth! I have three!!!)

Crawled around for a while....when is this show gonna start?
Got bundled up for the show....can you believe it's only in the 60's in JULY!?

And, well, that's where Thursday ends.
Friday, Jim worked on the backyard, the new ever-ending project. I did some random chores around the house, and then we went out to dinner. Seth did SO well. He always does. And then we went for a drive in the Mustang, and came home for the next batch of festivites:
"What? There's fireworks going on?"

"Oh, so that's why I'm still awake!"

Happy Birthday, America!!!
And they're finally asleep....good night, all.

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Unknown said...

60s? Really? We love it when it goes below 90 lately--usually late at night or after a storm. Glad you had fun. He is adorable!