Saturday, July 12, 2008

World, watch out! Here I come!

Step-by-step "How to Crawl," by Seth James:

So, I start off on my tummy. I used to hate it, but now, my tummy's a launching pad!

See? You get up on all fours, and bring your knee forward.

Are you paying attention? Here comes the hard part...

You push off REAL HARD and land on your nose.

And you do it again! Up on your tiptoes....

(I am SO buff!)

Bring up that knee...

Wait, lemme start over. Up on my tiptoes...

Aw, never mind. I'm tired.


Some more adorable shots of Seth and Brady. I sure do love these boys!

Haven't they grown so much in the last couple months?!:

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mldsoccer3 said...

so cute, i remember that like yesterday! he'll be cruising before you know it! he's adorable!!