Monday, July 21, 2008

People of the North, REJOICE!

From Sunday's Toledo Blade:
"Initial work has begun for metro Toledo’s first Sonic Drive-In, which its developers say is to be one of four.(*) The restaurant in front of the Meijer store along U.S. 20 in Rossford is scheduled to open in mid-September. The next store is to be in Oregon along Navarre Avenue."

* Um, feel free to build Store #3 at the corner of Douglas and Sylvania. Or in my backyard, for that matter.

Seriously, y'all. SONIC! I could have wept with joy when Jim told me the news yesterday. Oh, you can bet I'll be counting the days until I can get myself a Chicken Club Toaster, a Frito Pie, and a Strawberry LimeAde. Heaven!!!

And for all you Toledoans who haven't a clue why I'm rhapsodizing a drive in....just you wait. And in the meantime, click here to get a peek at all the wonderful glory that is Sonic.


phasejumper said...

Too funny! We always wished for a Sonic.Then we moved and there is one 5 minutes away and we still haven't been there yet!

amy (metz) walker said...

When I visited my friend, Diana, earlier this summer in Ohio...I went through serious withdrawls from not having a Sonic nearby. I can definitely see why that would be VERY exciting!