Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

If you want a good read today, go here to meet Adrienne, Jim, and Owen. I have been following their story for a while, and am of course even more intrigued now that we are all going to be "neighbors."

If you have time (today, or whenever), get caught up on their incredible journey to parenthood. Or, just jump right on the bandwagon with today's excitement.

They are eagerly awaiting the birth -- TODAY! -- of a baby girl that will soon (legally) be their daughter. How exciting! Head over there to wish them congratulations.


Kendra said...

I am a reader too!!! I started reading this Spring and quickly fell in love with their amazing family. SO happy for them today!!! And they got invited to the hospital!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!

Kendra said...

Adrienne has GREAT hair!! You should ask her for a referral- ha!