Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Jim'll probably cringe that I'm posting this for the world, but....whatever. I'll retract the post if he wants.

Anyways. Our home here in Ohio.

We thought we had it rented (yea! renting = no realtor commission!).

But. (Ah, the inevitable "but.") But, that arrangement fell through.

Sigh. It's okay. Really. I've not been worried about getting rid of our house here (though logic says I should be, in this market).

But worry notwithstanding, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask you interpeeps (and yes, I'm officially starting to snag that phrase from BooMama) for your intercession. Pray, please, that our house generates some interest in the next several weeks.

And, if you just so happen to know of anyone looking to rent or buy in NW Ohio, lemme know. (Hey, you never know what the six-degrees-of-separation will turn up on the Internet.

Thanks, gang.

To be continued.


Sara said...'d be a good one to have! I hope something turns up for you & I'm sorry the first one fell through. :P

nest of posies said...

omg! you will be so happy to see that the leaves (in my opinion) haven't peaked! it was gorgeous. the weather was just right. hope your closing goes smoothly!
sorry that your lease/rent situation didn't work out for your home there. i hope things will work out quickly for the next renter, and that he/she will be a great renter!
safe travels!

jennifer said...

I don't know anyone in Ohio, but I'll pray that it sells quick.

lalalady said...

I'm totally bummed that the renter fell through - that really stinks. I hope your home sells fast - work your staging magic!! :)