Tuesday, March 24, 2009

152, -4, 140/80, 4/15

Here are the stats from this morning's appointment:

Itty Bitty gave us a quick scare when we weren't able to readily or easily find his/her heartbeat, but after some not-so-gentle prodding, Dr. Morgan came up with a healthy, steady 152 beats per minute. Although down significantly from the 180s, it is still much higher than Seth's 130s, so even Dr. Morgan is holding to her prediction that Itty Bitty is a girl.

I have lost an additional 4 lbs since my last visit, which puts me down about 10 for the pregnancy. Dr. Morgan didn't seem overly concerned, but said that I shouldn't lose any more weight. She is okay if I don't gain for the next month, but that we may need to do some digging if I lose more weight by my next appointment.

My blood pressure, which I suspected was misbehaving, was 140/80. Not alarmingly high, but high enough to raise the nurses eyebrows. The plan is for me to take it as easy as possible in the next week, acquire a cuff to monitor at home, and stay hydrated. If it is up again at my next appointment, I will most likely be put on some BP meds. Boo.

No ultrasound today, but Jim and I have an appointment scheduled with both the ultrasound technician and Dr. Morgan for early Wednesday, April 15. Only three weeks until we can see Itty Bitty again, and hopefully find out if s/he is our son or our daughter.

In the meantime, Seth, I think, finally just dozed off for his nap, and as soon as I hit "publish post," I'm off to join him.


Sara said...

YAY! That'll be a fun b.day gift for Jim, too. :) Glad everything went well...with the exception of the BP thing. *hugs*

mandie lane said...

Yay for a (overall) good appointment! April 15 will be here before you know it. I'll mark my calendar, because I'll have some major blog stalking to do that day. Lots of love, dearie.

Christy said...

zzzzzz..... hope you slept well. I'm glad to hear the good report from today and what did you think of Miss Anna Claire?

I will talk to you soon and know that I am praying for you:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a girl heartbeat to me! Glad you had a good appt. Take care of yourself and that BP.

Kendra said...

Good stats!!

Kim said...

HOW exciting!!! All 3 of my boys were in the low 140s! But my girl was in the 150s!!! I bet your having a girl, too!!

And yes, I would totally meet up with you!!