Saturday, August 29, 2009

All grown up. Sort of.

aug - home craziness 028

How I got him to sit still for a first-day-of-school (ie Mother’s Day Out), I’ll never know.  But seriously, how cute is he?!

aug - home craziness 029

He even wanted to carry his own bag into school.  (That only lasted about 10 steps – it was a little heavy, and as big as he is!)

And just look what was waiting for him after his first day was over:

aug - home craziness 030 

More on our whirlwind Music City extravaganza with Seth and Nonna, coming soon!


Sara said...

Great pics, Monica! I can't wait to hear more about Nonna's visit! :)

Jennifer said...

Seth could not be any cuter!

Aunt Cathi said...

Oh my goodness he looks adorable, hope you had a good day Seth. From the smile on your face I would have to say all went pretty good .
Love Ya AUNT Cathi

mandie lane said...

ACK! That is NOT baby Seth!

Kendra said...

He IS getting big!!!! One day that bag will look small on him...=)

phasejumper said...

He looks so grown up! Hope you had a great day!

Valerie said...

What a big boy! He gets cuter every time I see him. Hope you both had a great day.