Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet My Peeps: Linda (aka MIL)

It absolutely breaks my heart to hear about girls who don’t like – or even go as far as to admit that they despise – their mothers-in-law.  I know the reasons for these less than ideal dynamics are as vast as the sky, and by posting this, it is not my intent at all to make you (whether you are the mother-in-law or the daughter-in-law in that relationship) feel badly.

But I just have to brag on my mother-in-law for a minute.

I hit the MIL jackpot, and there is not enough space in Blogger for me to adequately list all the things I love about her.  She is the most selfless woman I think I’ve ever met.  When we me in 2005, I think I would have described her as timid, but over the years, I realize now that she is just beautifully meek.

She is so observant of people’s likes and dislikes, and always is looking for ways to let you know that you are loved.

For example, look what arrived in the mail this morning:


she really really loves me 

If you recall, I’ve told you before that Linda  keeps the best snacks on hand, and I totally blame her  for my addiction to the Chocolate Crunch ‘N Munch.  (My love affair with the Baby Ruth began long before I met her, so that one is all on me!)

She began picking up the fine literature of People, Star, and US Weekly for me when I was on bedrest with Seth.  The content rarely changes – you know what I mean – but I still love having these on hand for a little mindless reading.

And finally….that little glass jar of goodness on the left.

I’m sure Big Mama and Mandie could school  me in the ways of a good salsa, being Texans and all, but…, yeah.  This stuff could hold its own against any salsa north or south of the border.  Once you taste Linda’s homemade garden fresh salsa….anything else is marginal at best.

So, even though she isn’t a blogger, I thought it only fitting to first introduce you to one of the very most important women in my life.

And now I’m going  to go eat Crunch ‘N Munch and read all about the Bachelorette drama!


embee said...

love that you wrote mothers-in-law and not mother-in-laws. such a big pet peeve of mine, stupid, i know.

Melody said...

Wow! You really did hit the jackpot! How great that you have such a thoughtful and caring MIL.

Kelly said...

That is so sweet!

Valerie said...

Such a sweet post! I absolutely hit the jackpot with my MIL too, so I can completely relate to your relationship with her. She has very good taste. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Gregory (senior???) is one of the sweetest ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting. Although I haven't seen her lately, I've seen her off and on throughout the years. She's welcomed me into her home and *made* me eat her food. Yum! Thank you for posting this sweet MIL blog. I enjoyed reading it.
P.S. I have pretty fab MILs (MIL and step-MIL), too.

mandie lane said...

Aww. What a sweet care package. Any MIL who will buy and send celebrity gossip magazines is good in my book. And the salsa....well, I'll take your word for it and maybe one of these days send you a jar of my favorite Texas jar to compare.

mandie lane said...

*a jar of my favorite Texas salsa* is what I meant to say. Derrrr.

Anonymous said...

I was lol when I saw the :p. Thanks for the smile on my face! :)

Gotta love that! Dad-e

Holly said...

That's so awesome that you have such a great MIL! I think I have a pretty good MIL. We get along just fine! :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I already love her! How thoughtful and kind. There aren't that many MsIL out there that would send US AND Salsa. You hit the jackpot, for sure! :)

Angela said...

That is an awesome package! You are so, so blessed to have a great MIL. I am one of the unfortunate girls who has a really bad MIL, and since B was born and we found out her true feelings on children with special needs, we had to step back and stop communication for awhile, for the sake of our family and our boys. Thankfully my husband gets along GREAT with my mother, so *he* got a good MIL!
Now I need chocolate Crunch N Munch!

Sara said...

Mama G rocks. :) Great post, Mon!

Mrs. Frogster said...

sweet stuff! My MIL also started getting me the gossip mags when I was pregnant with my first, and even now if she knows I'm coming over, she'll run out and get the latest issue of People or Us for me to veg with. :)
i have yet to try chocolate crunch'n'munch. Looks yummy!

Marlo said...

What a blessing! A great care package & a great MIL? Score!