Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quirky, but crisp

Do you know one of my absolutely favorite things to do?


I love it.  I calms me.  It relaxes me.  It gives me a satisfying high like few other things in my life.

It has always been this way.  Since I was old enough to prove myself responsible with certain small appliances, I have loved to iron.

I can remember standing in my grandparent’s basement, watching Disney’s Robinhood, pressing and  folding cloth diapers over and over and over.  Humming along with Little John’s “oodalolly,  oodalolly, golly what a day!,” hot iron in hand, I was content with my mindless task.

I think that even at the young, innocent age of eight, I took pleasure in seeing something so dishevled (say, a wrinkled dishtowel or handkerchief) turn into something so pristine.  Admit it – even if you hate ironing, isn’t there something therapeutic about running your hand over a freshly pressed piece of linen, nary a crease in sight?

Because the task itself is mindless, I tend to let my thoughts wander, and seem to get some of my best praying and soul searching done when I’m behind the ironing board.  When I’m feeling anxious about something, I tackle an especially tricky job – like  a fitted sheet.  (I’m serious!)  Even if my problem isn’t any closer to being “figured out” by the time I’m done ironing, at least I will have blown off a little steam (I promise, that pun was NOT intended) and I feel in control.


How about you?  Is there any household chore that most people despise that you actually enjoy?  I’d love for you to share your “quirks” with us!


Katrina Chambers said...

I probably have the same feeling about vacuuming. It really is something I love to do and could do it 3 times a day, if my husband didn't crack it at me! Ha.

Sara said...

CRAZY! I HATE ironing. HATE it. I've never been good & it & simply can't stand it. Wanna come iron Doug's work pants for me? LOL

I've honestly gotten into such a routine of the "hurry hurry hurry" brand of household chores that I haven't given myself a chance to get lost in it. Maybe folding laundry? Maybe...

marty39 said...

I love to see a clean house. So I guess cleaning, especially the kitchen is where I can get lost in things. Ironing is not my favorite. Hugs, Marty

Jenn said...

Ironing is the one household chore I hate. You should have been at my house the other day because I had to iron for 3 1/2 straight hours. UGH! I love to clean and probably my favorite is vacuuming and cleaning our wood floors. I love a clean floor!

Christy said...

Ironing is one of the jobs that I pass onto my husband. It's a good thing because he really enjoys it! Of all the household chores that I could lost in, I think I would have to go with folding clothes (that is when I don't allow them to pile up!) and vacuuming.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your ironing!

Michelle said...

hehe, I hate ironing, too! But I do like to sit in a room and reorganize something like a closet or cabinet. Like you there's something therapeutic about taking a big messy closet and organizing it with cute baskets & such!

Angela said...

I detest ironing!! You iron sheets? WHY? LOL

To each her own, I suppose. ;)

I like to straighten up the house. Although it is frustrating that nothing ever stays straight, I do get a sense of satisfaction from putting things back where they go. I also like to do laundry (except putting it away!). There is something satisfying about having ten big piles of clothes, towels, sheets, and rugs go through the wash/dry/fold cycle and become like new again.

Holly said...

I don't hate ironing but I don't love it. I usually can avoid it by just throwing something in the dryer for a little bit.

I don't think I have a chore that I really love doing. Although I get a great satisfaction out of folding and stuffing my daughter's cloth diapers.

NoVaIrish said...

Just because I am such a good friend, I am going to go ahead and send my ironing to you from now on in. Go to town, dear Monica :-)

I get it though - I love organizing closets and drawers and ironing. It makes me feel better to have some sort of order in my life.

Aunt CATHI said...

I LOVE WASHING WINDOWS,yep i said washing windows.I swear my brother always thought i was abit touched in the head cause i even wash them in winter. (inside) LOL

Valerie said...

I absolutely loathe ironing. Probably right behind dusting in my least favorite household chores.

I do have a thing for laundry though. ;)

Heidi said...

May I ask one question.... you iron sheets!?!?!

I can honestly say I dislike ironing, but weird as it is, I love to fold clothes, they have to be just right!

Kendra said...

Well, I honestly hate ironing. To the point where David has started looking for shirts that don't need to be ironed, because I let them pile up for so long!
But I do feel that way about laundry...taking something dirty, and then making it clean! It feels good!!

Anonymous said...

I too love ironing. I remember going to my grandmothers house on
Sunday mornings. She would have her ironing board set up and already have the homemade pizza dough rising. She would always have extra dough set aside and whom ever got to her house first after Sunday mass would get fried bread dough sprinkled with sugar. Guess who got here first on Sundays. I love to iron, it is relaxing and I too drift away and do my deep thinking. Love from St. Augustine. See you on Thurday

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Sadly, no...I do not love household duties like I wish I did. I enjoy cooking when the mood strikes me. And, I love a clean house...but the doing, not so much. I guess if I had to pick, it would be folding towels. It's the quickest and most cut-and-dried of all house hold chores, I believe!

For the record...I really just don't iron. I's terrible.

Anne said...

I love to do laundry. Like my mother before me, sometimes when my family goes to bed for the night, the clothing that they wore that day is already laundered and sitting on their beds to be put away! I know it's a little nutty!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK, I hate ironing, but I actually do like laundry. And it's a good thing I do lately!
But fitted sheet? Seriously? You know those straighten right out when you stretch it over the bed, right?

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