Thursday, November 26, 2009

14w Update

How far along? 14w1d

Total weight gain
: lost another 3; down 7 for pregnancy

Maternity clothes
? only as desired, but not always necessary.

: I'm sleeping through the night, but not resting well.  My dreams have left me exhausted and worn in the mornings.

Best moment this week
: hearing Chicklet's healthy, steady 150 bmp heartbeat on doppler.

: I swore I felt something familiar last night, but even with the baby measuring ahead, I can't believe I'd be feeling anything yet...

: Gut is leaning toward hearing "boy" next week.  But honestly, I just want this baby to stay healthy until May.

Labor Signs
: Nope.

Belly Button
in or out? In.

What I miss
: My appetite. About two or three bites into a meal, I'm done. We're eating a LOT of leftovers around here lately.

What I am looking forward to
: Telling my extended family at the Christmas holiday.  Only 3 weeks to go!

Weekly Wisdom
: Keep taking my folic acid pills, even though I HATE them with  passion.

: Second trimester!!!! And first 24 hour urine collection.  Fun times!

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Southern Savvy said...

Since I just had a baby a couple of weeks ago myself, I'm ridiculously late but Congrats!