Monday, November 23, 2009

Uncle Andy

Seth and I recently journeyed to Pensacola, FL to visit some friends, and as a side bonus, we got to hang out at the mall and have lunch at Red Robin with my youngest brother, Andrew, who is stationed at the naval base in Pensacola.

“Yo, dude, let go of my balloon!”

misc Nov 017

Hey, where’d it go?”

misc Nov 018 

And, of course, entertainment for all with the kids’ meal word search. ;)

misc Nov 019


Kendra said...

How fun!!!! Glad you got to get away =).

Praying for you this week and always!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So cute! I hate that I missed seeing y'all! We would have loved it!!

Sara said...

Hope the trip was a great one! How cool that you got to see your brother while you were there! :)

Amy Yohe said...

Awwww, wish we would have gotten to see you! Next time.....