Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seth’s “grown up” room

I’ve been remiss in posting pictures of Seth’s room.  I realized that when I went to upload these photos and realized that I’ve already rearranged the furniture in here once since I took them.  Oops.

We moved Seth out of his “green room” as soon as we returned from our Florida vacation at Christmas, and he did a fabulous job of transitioning from his toddler bed to a full bed.  We’ve never had an issue with him getting up to play with his toys, even though they are all at his disposal, and the middle-of-the-night wakings, rare as they are, are dealt with as smoothly and as quickly as when he was in his crib.

I’m glad that we had this bedroom painted such a neutral color when we moved in.  It’s Sherwin Williams Blonde; the same color that is in our kitchen and dining room.  It has enough color to have impact, but not so much that I had a hard time working the rest of the color scheme around the walls.

I still need to come up with something to hang on the huge expanse of wall over his bed.  I have his nursery canvases above the head of the bed for now, and that fills up a little space, but the long wall still needs something….

The yellow afghan the the foot of the bed is perfect to have on hand for the nights I somehow wind up staying in Seth’s room after a midnight consoling. ;)  My great-aunt Julia made that for me when I was a child, and it has traveled with me to many beds and many different stages of life.  I love that it’s now in my son’s room.

misc 016
Another great deal for Setharoo’s room: IKEA.  $15.  Score!  I’m ashamed to admit how much fun I’ve had and how many hours I’ve spent getting his Thomas the Train tracks to match up with the “roads” on this mat.  It’s truly quite embarrassing.

misc 019 
Apologies for the photo quality….. still working on my camera settings in natural light.

misc 017 
When we were first married, Jim had these bean bag chairs in the spare room where his video games were set up.  Now we keep them at the foot of Seth’s bed for a soft “landing zone” for the occasional launch off the bed during a jam session of Ring-Around-the-Rosy or The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

misc 020

Toys, toys, and more toys.

I am SO proud of how well Seth solo plays in his room, and how good he is about putting his toys away when he is done.  Granted, he can’t reach past the shelf with the books on it, but still.  I love that he seems to have an appreciation for his playthings, and that he is obedient in cleaning up when he is done playing.

misc 018

misc 022

Seth’s room has become another favorite place to just hang out as a family.  If you have the space to do so, I strongly encourage a big bed in a toddler’s room.  I love, love, love that all three of us can pile onto Seth’s bed for wrestling, story time, tickle-fests, or just to talk as a family.  Because we’ve never been big proponents of letting Seth spend time in our bed, Jim and I love to take the opportunity to snuggle with him in his bed.

What are some of your favorite features of your kids’ rooms?  Do you have any must-have’s that you want to share with the rest of us?


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...


Prayers for you today...

gottaluvboyz said...

What a great space for your little guy!

We are in the process of finishing two rooms for our boys...too much fun! I have been intending to get one of those rugs. Thanks for the reminder;)

Kelly said...

Love it!

And I'm totally stealing the idea for that Ikea rug. Oliver will love it!

phasejumper said...

I totally agree with the big bed idea. Makes for more comfortable night-time reading and can be used for guests, too!

Jessica said...

i agree with having a big bed for little ones. luke has a twin bed and we all pile on for night time stories and prayers. it's a great time for all!