Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love these pictures.  I wish the quality of the one of infant Jim with his grandmother was better, but what can I say?  The photo is 30 years old! ;)

But I love seeing the resemblance between newly born Erin and newly born Jim.  She is definitely taking after Daddy’s side of the family so far!

And as a side note…..I’m really not trying to play favorites here, by having all these posts about Erin, and with pictures of Erin, and not a whole lot to say about or see of Seth.   The explanation is pretty simple: he is too fast to catch anymore – especially on film!  The child is in perpetual movement, and much too busy to pose for Mommy’s camera.  So rest assured – Seth’s place in my heart is still firmly intact….just not so much on the blog!


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What beautiful pictures! Love! =)

Heether said...

I love that the pictures match! So cute! EE looks a lot like her daddy!

Sara said...

She's a doll baby. :) Love the pics!

Valerie said...

She does look like Jim. It's so nice that you have pictures to compare!