Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer + Costco + Linda = Happiness

Because you can get a four-pound flat of strawberries for only $5.99, and you can go home and ask your mother-in-law if she has Bisquik and Cool Whip, and she can read your mind and do this:

misc 008 misc 007
Do you have any favorite recipes for strawberries that just make you happy?


Sara said... strawberry shortcake. I want some & I want it now. ;) That looks lovely!

savannahgirl said...

Ok... I think I NEED a bowl of what you're having! I can be there in a flash! Hehe:)

mandie lane said...

Oh, my. That looks AMAZING.

I have no recipes. But I'd take a strawberry margarita any day, any time. Mmmmm.

phasejumper said...

I LOVE my mom's strawberry freezer jelly. It's the best! I'm a big cheater when it comes to strawberry shortcake-I use those dessert shell things they sell at the store! I do take the time to mash up the strawberries with all the sugar, though, so there is SOME labor involved! lol

Brooke said...

We live for Berry flats at Costco. I mean, how can you not love 5000 strawberries for $5?!?