Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome, Summer!

 We have welcomed in the summer season with some of our best friends, as I hope you did, too.

I couldn’t help but think back on Memorial Day 2004.

Jim and I had only had two, maybe three, dates, and he decided it was time for me to meet his best friend (since childhood) Doug and Doug’s wife, Sara.  I was terrified and completely not myself that day, so drugged up was I on Benadryl.  (Sidenote: If you don’t live in northwest Ohio during the last weeks of May, you don’t know the horrors of seasonal cottonwood.  Yuck.)  I was pretty sure that I had made a horrible first impression on them, and would never be welcomed into their home again.

But somehow, they overlooked the antihistamine-induced stupor, I survived that first inspection by Doug and Sara, and here we are, six years (and six kids!!!) later.

Life is good.

There are Slip ‘N Slides to be slid on,



Tonka trucks to be driven,


Naps to be taken,


Free babysitting to take advantage of,


Wonders to be seen,
erin mem day eyes

Love to be shared, all around.

zeke erin mon crop

I hope you have ushered in summer in as joyous a fashion as did we.

Happy June!


Sara said...

I'm so glad you're up here so I can give you a hug for that post. It makes my heart so warm to look back on how far the 4 of us have come as adults, as parents, and as friends. Love you, Mon! It was a lovely day, but a little more hectic than that first Memorial Day bbq if I remember properly. LOL

Brooke said...

Oh I can promise you that there are others who know the horror of Cottonwood. My hands covered in hives would like to share!!