Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Lifetime Ago

I found a CD in my desk drawer this weekend, chock full of pictures and videos from the last week of my junior year of college.  Scrolling through the shots brought back so many memories and had me grinning from ear to ear.

What made me smile even harder was hearing Erin belly-laugh at listening to my voice on video as I tried my first mussel (ew, by the way) (but that’s a story for another day).

Anyway, the picture I’m posting with this entry will mean nothing to anyone but me, but I want to remember, for my sake.

I LOVED college.

I loved the classes I took, the professors I had, the sunshine and palm trees and daily rain showers that are par for the course in Pensacola.  I loved my hair (vain, yes, but I had seriously good hair days, despite the humidity, all through college).  I didn’t love this dress – though I distinctly remember that I paid $13 for it at WalMart the day before Easter – but I got so many compliments on it, I somehow kept wearing it.

group shot 
I loved – love – the friends I made ( and I love that, through the wonder that is Facebook, we can all keep in touch, even 10 years later).

I love that through the wonder of photography, I can be transported back a whole decade, and spend an afternoon revisiting sweet, carefree memories.

Aaron, Lucia, Dan, Brenton, Amy, Christine, Megan, Shannon, Jeremy, Meghan, Mark, Andrew, and Julie….. I miss you guys.  (And kudos to me for remembering all the names.  Seriously, I haven’t seen these pictures since the week they were taken!)

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nursegirl said...

That place looks familiar...Reminiscing is fun!