Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello, gorgeous girl

(Is anyone else getting the feeling like I have WAY more pictures of Erin than of Seth recently?  Yeah, me, too.  I’m working on that.  But the little bugger won’t hold still or look at the camera anymore….)

Anyway, until Seth starts cooperating, here’s what you get:



Sara said...

Oh, what a sweetheart. Love her! I'm lucky to get one good pic of zeke a week lately, too. too much to do to sit still for the camera!

Unknown said...

Those eyes!! She's just precious!!

mandie lane said...


And totally hear you on the picture thing. Vivian's beating Anderson about 10 to 1 these days. But she sits and smiles sweetly .... not so much with the toddler.

Kelly said...


savannahgirl said...

Gabe just said "Awwwww, she's beautiful!" :)

Kendra said...

Oh. My. Word.

Girl, you are in trouble.

Thank God she has an older brother to help keep the boys away!