Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So few things in life are “ideal”

Where I blog is no exception.

Kate, aka the Centsational Girl, is hosting a “where do you blog?” link-up party, and of course, I wanted to get it on the fun.

Last summer, I did a lot of blogging from here:

proof of bedrest
Wow.  Post-Duncan bedrest, and before Brooke gave my blog layout her beautiful overhaul.  Seth was in the care of family and friends, and I did a TON of blogging from the comfort of my bed.

Now, however, with both Seth and Erin underfoot, this is most often the blogging set up:

random end of aug 012
It’s a miracle I haven’t sent the laptop careening over the edge of the stairwell ledge, but….it’s what works.  It’s high enough off the ground that Seth can’t reach it; it had good outlet access (since I have killed my battery, and my laptop stays plugged in at all times); and it provides a decent vantage point of both the family room and Erin’s nursery.
 random end of aug 013 
Now, “ideally,” I would have time to myself to blog at my desk:

random end of aug 016

But let’s face it.  I’m a mommy.  And right now, we just go with what works.  And what needs to work right now is hitting “publish,” and racing off to Erin’s room, where she has woken – for the FOURTH TIME THIS AFTERNOON – from her nap.

Where do you carve out a corner of space to blog?  We’d love to see you link up over at Kate’s.


Hunter Marina Stolworthy said...

You have to wonder where you will be blogging from a year from now? LOL =)

Sara said...

My kitchen table...but you knew that. ;)

In other news...LOVE the black & whites hanging in your stairwell. However, i think I love your desk placement in your bedroom even more.

René said...

Your desk is very pretty. Love the colors and the window treatments.