Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sending her back

… to 1983, that is.

I’m getting ready to post pictures of how we’re falling it up around here, but as sneak peek:

erin porch edit 
I was playing around with my editing software, and aged this one a bit.  It seems that all of my baby pictures have this orangey tint to them…it was kind of neat to “transport” Erin back to the past, too.

Stay tuned.  More fall cuteness of Erin and Seth, plus the great porch reveal coming later this week!


gottaluvboyz said...

So cute! I cannot wait for the big reveal:) I remember your porch from last year...it looked great!

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done so far. Erin is so photogenic. Seth was also at that age now just being a two year old. Can't wait to see all of you, can't come soon enough.

Sara said...

Make the bumbo orange & she could pass for the cutest jackolantern in the south. ;) I love making pics "vintage". Nice warmth.

Holly said...

That totally looks like an old photo!!

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Can't wait to see the porch! I haven't even started thinking about mine yet....


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