Monday, April 11, 2011

11/30: playtime with Daddy

This is why I love it when Jim can get home at a decent hour.  We can make and eat dinner together, and still have time for play before rushing the kiddos off to bath and bed before they’ve even had a chance to interact with their daddy.

4.11.11 - playtime with daddy 008 4.11.11 - playtime with daddy 002 4.11.11 - playtime with daddy 005

(And so that I’m not taken the wrong way….Jim tries very hard to balance his workload and his family time.  His commute and the rush hour traffic is the real culprit…)

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Mrs. Frogster said...

Sweet pics! I love it when Chris gets home right when I'm finishing up making dinner. He'll go right in and wrestle/play with the kiddos and get some much needed daddy time. he doesn't get home til 6 or 6:30 most days so he gets very little time with them too.