Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today was going to be a quick, easy photo post:

4.7.11 001

(This was Seth’s breakfast.)

But then Erin went down for her nap, and Seth and I went outside to water the newly planted rosebushes, and an adventure was just waiting to be had…..

  4.7.11 0144.7.11 012  4.7.11 0184.7.11 019 4.7.11 021 4.7.11 0244.7.11 0174.7.11 016    4.7.11 011

And all I have to say about this series of photos is this:

  • I love our backyard, and I am wholly convinced now that I do NOT want to ever fence it in;
  • you can’t keep a boy from the things he loves, be it splashing in muddy water, or snuggling with the sewer cat;
  • and even the dandelion weed looks beautiful in the bright sunshine of the perfect spring day.


Mom said...

Looks like he is having fun. Can't believe how big he looks in the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love ya.

gottaluvboyz said... fun!!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Great pictures!

Jennifer Scott said...

Great pics!

So you have no idea where sewer cat is from? She's gotta be someone's cat no? She looks pretty clean & the collar looks pretty clean.

Anonymous said...

He is all boy, what a great series of pictures. I can't believe how big he has gotten since we saw him in March. Love the sewer cat, no better way to have a pet then to rent one.

Kelly said...

Beautiful pics!