Sunday, April 17, 2011

17/30: Greema and Grandpa

When Seth was a baby/young toddler, we couldn’t get him to refer to Jim’s mom as anything.  Not Grandma, not Nana, not Memaw, not any moniker you can imagine for grandmother.

But for about the last 9-12 months, the way he says “grandma,” in his Ohio-meets-Tennessee accent, comes out as gree-maw.  And we’ve waited and waited for it to change, because it just sounds so backwoods and hick-ish, but…..

Greema it is.

And he loves her like no one else.

4.17.11 003
Normally, we wouldn’t encourage pouting under any circumstances, but it was just so hard to scold him for his sourpuss face after church, when it was so clearly due to John and Linda’s departure.

4.17.11 009 
Not too much longer, and we’ll be together again.  We love you guys, and we’ll see you in a month!

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Greema said...

Had lots of fun with the kids. Just wish it could of been longer. Seth and Erin are so special to me I will take any time I can to be with them. Love you guys.