Saturday, April 23, 2011

23/30: Fulin’s fun

We were invited to join the birthday celebration of one of our friend’s at a local Asian restaurant.  Initially, I was excited only about the company, and not so much the cuisine.

But!  The food turned out to be great, and was up to par with the exceptional company. Check it out!

4.23.11 - fulins 013 4.23.11 - fulins 012
Have y’all met Erin’s fiance-t0-be?  (Shh, Sara, don’t tell Zeke!)  His name is Xander, and he is in love with our little miss, and a sweeter boy can’t be found.  I love this kid!

And he, as I said, loves Erin:

4.23.11 - fulins 011 4.23.11 - fulins 010
Thank you, Kevin, for being born.  For growing up, and having Meredith, so she could marry Tommy and they could make Xander, and give me sweet dreams about my baby girl’s future….

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Yum! Cool hair :)