Friday, June 24, 2011

County Fair 2010

Yes, you read the title right.  That’s county fair 2010.  I started this post, and then…  Does that work as an excuse for an 11 month delay?  Well, regardless, the pictures are cute, so, I’m gonna post it anyway!

Last summer, on one of our many trips to Ohio, Gramp-e took us to the Lucas County fair.

ohio trip - 7.23 091

Discovery #1:  Seth is NOT a fan of the agricultural barn.  Not a fan AT ALL.

fair fear seth.23 117

Discovery #2:  Erin, also, is not so much a fan of the agricultural barn. lol!

fair fear.23 115  ohio trip - 7.23 116

Discovery #3:  Seth is a natural on horseback.  He loved it!  (Sidenote: we are going horseback riding when we go on vacation with Doug and Sara next month.  I can’t wait!)

ohio trip - 7.23 092  ohio trip - 7.23 097    ohio trip - 7.23 111    pony ride 001.23 098 pony ride 002.23 100 pony ride 006 wave.23 109 pony ride 008 pat.23 113

And seeing as how fair fare is ridiculously overpriced (and probably the most unhealthy food around), we opted for Chipotle for dinner, and boy, Seth did not disappoint.  He can put down a burrito bowl like it’s nobody’s business!

ohio trip - 7.23 118

Now, fast forward to 2011.  Gramp-e took us to the Rally by the Rails festival (back home) this past May, and while there weren’t pony rides, Seth had has first experience on carnival rides.  Mostly, he rode the kiddie train and motorcycles, but we also got him on the Tilt-A-Whirl, and he LOVED it!  Who knew?

ohio pre-mem day trip 014 ohio pre-mem day trip 007

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Brooke said...

I love that picture of Erin. Definitely not a fan!