Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When we started to plan Nonna’s trip to Nashville, I was pretty sure (weather-permitting) it’d involve a trip to the zoo, to Cheekwood, to the fountains – pretty much anything we could do to be out in the sunshine, reserving indoor activities like a movie, the science center, or the library only if Mother Nature was PMSing.

The one exception that I was keeping under wraps was a Friday night “date,” just for the girls.  When I saw the line-up for July 1 at the Grand Ole Opry, I jumped all over it.  Darius Rucker (yes, Hootie himself!), the Jane Dear Girls, and more.

I hate to spend money, on anything, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to spring for the $60 tickets, but I got lucky with a pair of “cheap seats.”  Check it out:

rucker seats

When Jim and I went to the Opry back in ‘08, we had floor seats, and they were great, but I wanted to see how things would look from the balcony.  I know it’s further away from the stage, but I think we’ll have a good view of the whole house….and I think we got pretty lucky with the aisle seats up in the front.

So!  That’s what’s on the Momma-and-Nonna agenda to kick off our holiday weekend!

What’s on your calendar to jump start your long Independence Day weekend?

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea how excited I am about this up coming weekend to spend time with the family. It seems like it has been so long. The weather is going to be great, the company is even more great and Darius is just the icing on the cake. Thank you Monica! Counting down the hours.