Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's either the British-inspired Thomas, or the well-mannered Chick-fil-A employees

Regardless of the source, we are benefitting from Seth's exposure to polite behavior.

Last week, we met Jim for an impromptu lunch at the golden arches. As we sat there in our sticky playplace booth, Seth carefully selected a french fry.

"Mommy, this is a french fry," he proclaimed to me. "It is de-wish-ous. Here, you have it!"

I took the fry, and gave it an enthusiastic taste, while Jim commended Seth on his generosity: "Buddy, thank you for sharing your fries with Mommy," to which Seth cheekily replied:

"Daddy, it was my pleasure!"

Too funny, let me tell you. Granted, he is as prone as the next three-year-old to throw a tantrum that will make you want to rip your ears off, but more often than not, he's pretty much the sweetest thing ever to be born.


mandie lane said...

My money's on the CFA people. That's my favorite thing about that place!

Tiffany said...

I still remember one of the first times I came over to play, Seth said, "What a nice phone you have, Miss Tiffany!" I don't remember what he said to me recently along those lines, but he is definitely a cutie when it comes to phrases like this! (: