Monday, June 20, 2011

It’s either the hair, or the glasses

Thursday of last week was an EARLY day around these parts.  Like, day-started-at-3:30 AM- early.  That said, nobody judge that we were noshing on microwave popcorn at 10:30.

Popcorn at our house isn’t that noteworthy.  Distraction popcorn isn’t that noteworthy, either.  But I chose to document this particular snack, though, because Seth had me rolling on the floor with his commentary as he waited and watched the corn pop.

june wk 2 006

“Mom, check it out, I hear it!”

“Mom, just you wait, it’s gonna get bigger and big!”

“Mom, you get that bowl, and I get the biggest bowl!”

“Mom, do you see, do you see?  Who’s in there on the poppin’ bag?  It’s Colonel Sanders!!!”

Too.  Funny.

Funnier, because we have fed Seth KFC all of once in his entire life… he even knows who the chicken maven is, let alone enough to confuse him with good ol’ Orville is beyond me!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

Cracks me up! That is one smart boy you have on your hands :)

Mere said...

This is such a random comment but I read your blog years back in 2009. I didn't have a blog at the time so I didn't follow yours. I lost the link (or maybe just forgot) about it last I haven't "caught up" in a while. Oh my goodness your baby girl is adorable! I remember reading your posts from when you were pregnant with her! lol. I think your blog was the one that inspired me to start mine...and I did back in 2009. Anyways, I remembered the name 'the Writer Chic' this morning, googled it, and found your blog again! Glad to see you are still blogging :) God bless!

Sara said...

I think it is the tie. LOL What a goober.