Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We’re zoo’ing it!

I have to say, me and zoos don’t have the best relationship.  It’s not the zoo’s fault.  It just seems like drama seems to follow me in through the turnstile.  But I’m pleased to report that our first summer trip to the Nashville Zoo earlier this month was a huge success.

We, of course, had to pick up Erin’s boyfriend Xander to tag along.
 june wk 1 001

Little Miss in her protective sun gear.
 june wk 1 002

$100 to the person who can find Seth in this picture:

june wk 1 003 
Of all the animals in the zoo, the boys seemed to be most fascinated with the coy fish.  Seriously?june wk 1 004 june wk 1 005 june wk 1 006 june wk 1 007 
I personally, loved the flamingoes.  It was a new exhibit since my last visit in ‘09.

june wk 1 009

june wk 1 008 june wk 1 010
And, or course, the majestic elephants, which was our last stop of the day, given the fact that it was 96 degrees by the time we made it to this section of the zoo.  (Translation = way too hot to keep site-seeing.

june wk 1 011 june wk 1 012 june wk 1 013

We bought a zoo membership this year, so I’m hoping to get back next week when Nonna visits, and maybe have a daddy-date, too, in early July.  And maybe, just maybe, since we gets reciprocal membership at the Toledo Zoo, we’ll try that again, too, the next time we’re back in Ohio.

Have you been to the zoo yet this year?  What is your favorite exhibit?


The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

We're members at the Toledo Zoo :) We just went to see the new baby elephant with our baby girls.

Greema said...

Seth is either taking the picture or on the side watering the trees. Hahahahaha

He just wants to be in the water with the fish.

Brooke said...

Ummm, where IS Seth in that picture?