Friday, June 8, 2012

BLTN: Erin’s birthday celebration

We kept it simple this year….poor baby girl, already getting the shaft due to baby brother. ;)

But really, what more does a girl need to celebrate her special day than a chocolate cake?  Especially if it is lovingly crafted by your big brother.

ee 2 bday (15)ee 2 bday (13)

She wasn’t so sure about the singing and the cameras and the lit candles….

ee 2 bday (5)
  But, she was all about the cake itself.  That’s my girl.
 ee 2 bday (3)

Ah, and then there was the present.  (Her one and only….but she is two.  She won’t remember how many gifts she got.)  Thankfully, she was SUPER EXCITED OMG DO YOU SEE MY NEW BIKE!!!!!?????, so all was well in birthday world.

ee 2 bday (7) ee 2 bday (8) ee 2 bday (9)ee 2 bday
And, yes, Seth is secure in his manhood.  All in the name of birthday fun, people.


Kendra said...

LOVE IT! Her expression in the first bike picture is priceless =)

mandie lane said...

Looks like a perfect celebration to me! Happy belated 2nd birthday, beautiful girl!