Thursday, June 7, 2012

Only one of us is ready

Guess who is getting ready to move to a big girl bed?
may - nonna visit 071
The weekend before James was born, we headed up to IKEA to kill some time and to shop for the bunk beds that we are planning to get for Seth this summer.
While we were there, we found this super cute, super affordable white platform bed that seems ideal for Erin when we pull the crib from her room for James.
may - nonna visit 072
She still isn’t the world’s best sleeper, so I’m not sure how she is going to do in an unconfined bed, but….we’ll figure it out.  I’ll keep y’all posted on how she does, and how her room transforms from nursery to “big girl.”  (I know, I know, Andrea, I still haven’t posted pictures of her room as is….I’ll get on that, too, I promise!)