Sunday, August 26, 2012


Oh, my.


It is awful.

I'm surviving it.

Maybe when it is behind us, I'll be able to form a coherent sentence about the journey through it.

But for now, let me just go on record to say, I love James; ignorance may not be bliss, but sometimes it is a saving grace; and, I pretty much feel like a rock star mom for persevering through this.

Oh, and by the way, everybody and their mother said, "you have to get gentian violet, it will help SO MUCH."  Great, thanks.  But no one bothered to mention that it is impossible to find.  Grr.  Oh, well.  The meds that James and I are both on seem to be doing the trick, too.

Here's to hoping that happier eats lie ahead!

And PS, Erin still has pneumonia.  Boo, hiss.


kendra said...

Ohhhhh Mon! The twins and I battled thrust THREE TIMES. It's the worst. I'm so sorry. Everyone told us about gviolet too, and we could only find it at ONE pharmacy in our giant city. Nystatin did the trick too. And it didn't stain everything purple.

Denise said...

aw, thrush. NO FUN AT ALL. chills, aches, fever, among other things...NO FUN AT ALL.

so sorry.