Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13

Am I the only one that has a bizarre ability to remember and assign significance to dates?

It occurred to me earlier this week that I was pregnant with all four of my children on December 13.  Now, I realize, given the span of dates that an individual pregnancy can cover, this isn't really an impressive feat.  But, to me, it is special.

December 13, 2007, was the last full day I was pregnant with Seth.  I was induced that night.

December 13, 2008.  Duncan was just starting his life, having been conceived, ahem, a little unexpectedly, early that week.

December 13, 2009, I was eagerly making preparations to announce Erin's presence to the world at large, having kept her pregnancy a secret from most people for almost 5 months.

And, since I'm nice like that, I gave 2010 the day off. ;)

December 13, 2011, James was taking a backseat not to the festivities of the season, but to the hustle and bustle of our cross country move.  But, still, he was there, an ever-presence.

And today..... 2102.  It's "just" a Thursday.  Preschool for Seth, albeit accompanied with birthday treats to celebrate the milestone of 5.  Snuggles and never-ending Team Umizoomi for the still-recovering Erin.  James has cut his second tooth and is determined to master real (as opposed to army-) crawling any moment.  Jim is foregoing hockey so that I can join my Mom Journey girls for a kid-free dinner.

I'm not pregnant.  Can't possible be pregnant.  And 99 time out of 100, I'm okay with that fact.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and have a 5 year old.  Hardly seems possible.  The holidays, of course, ramp up the sentiment and nostalgia, so I'm missing Duncan a bit more than usual.  My hands are full to overflowing with the care of James and Erin.

My normal-not-pregnant December 13 is pretty amazing, actually.  Chapter closed.

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Brian and Amy Yohe said...

Great reflective post, Monica! Thank you for giving us a peek into your heart. :)