Saturday, December 22, 2012

Score one for SantaMommy

When we took the kids to see Santa, Erin was PETRIFIED.  Like, we have a framed picture of the boys with Santa.  No Erin.

Nope, she stood behind the photographer having a complete meltdown, and when asked if she didn't want to tell Santa what she was wishing for for Christmas, she just screamed "PINK!!! BIKE!!!" through her tears.

Well, Erin got a big wheel trike for her birthday in May, so it didn't really seem plausible that she'd be getting another bike for Christmas, but.....

On a whim, I scanned Craig's List, and found this:

For only $5!!!

So, needless to say, Elf Daddy and Elf Big Brother are picking this up while they are out and about running errands this weekend.

It may be too big, and it may be used, and it may not even work, for all I know, but for the smile I'm sure to get from Erin on Christmas morning when she sees this under the tree, I'd have paid way more than must $5.

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Jennifer Scott said...

And that's the exact reason Meredith got a Brave dress with arrows & a bow. She actually spoke her wishes to Santa himself at the mall.

Here's to keeping the magic alive.