Monday, July 21, 2008

Fifth time's a charm, right?

I didn't get her permission to post this, but since her blog is public, too, I stole this picture. I love it, and, D., I love you too, and can't wait for your good news on Tuesday!

Well, for you two of you who read this blog, I'm again asking for prayer for a friend of mine -- a young mommy who wants more than anything in the world to have a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby on the other end of it.

Last March, I met a girl named Daina. And yes, we too (like Stacy and I) met on the Internet. But in the months that followed, we became more than just random Internet chatroom pals. For all you skeptics who wonder at the trueness of "internet friendships, I'll have you know we've actually met, had dinner, and are planning a girls' getaway weekend soon.) I have had the opportunity to stand by Daina through 4 of her 5 pregnancies (and it was the first of the five that brought us together in the first place). Tomorrow, she and her husband will go in for a "routine" 7-week ultrasound.

Please, please lift them up in prayer, that they will be calm, and that they will see two (yes, two -- I'm selfish, and they transferred two embryos, and I think Daina really wants twins, too) strong, flickering heartbeats. Also pray that Daina's first trimester symptoms begin to subside. As she put it, it's a little hard to stomach (no pun intended) to go through the first trimester five times and still be unsure of the outcome…

This girl is so very special and important to me -- I want this baby/these babies more than anything, and I covet your prayers for them.


Anonymous said...

like the pics and sure will pray for your friend,
Love Aunt Cathi

Valerie said...

You are so sweet! Lots of prayers for Daina!