Wednesday, September 17, 2008

21 days

I am so sad. It is too soon.

Please continue to pray for a miracle for my friend.


Also...and this feels funny to say, but...while you're praying, can you also include the SAL girls?

SAL stands for Success After Loss. It is a message board that I had a huge part in creating last year. It is a place for those of us who had "met" during our miscarriages to go after we became pregnant again. A lot of innocence is lost during and after a miscarriage, and becoming pregnant again does not restore that. So, we wanted a place to go to "chat" where everyone understood where one another was coming from, and where the sensitivity was upped a notch or twenty. I posted about these girls here last October.

Over a year has passed since we started the board. Dozens of SAL babies have been born ~ one will arrive via C-section in 2 hours -- welcome to Austin, ALF! ~ and hundreds of new pregnancies have begun. There has been much celebration, that is for sure.

There has been loss, too. Many SAL women have joined the board, only to leave again, carrying the weight of a recurrent miscarriage. But little Isaac...he is the first born-alive-to-a-mommy baby that we are going to lose.

We have all walked this road with Stacy and Spencer. Some, like me, more closely than others, but still, we have all held her hand, or, at the very least, have been aware. And this is going to rock this close group of girls like nothing else.

So, as you lift up Stacy, Spencer and Isaac to heaven's door, will you also included the SAL girls? Because this hurts. This hurts a lot.



Sara said...

I can't bring myself to read it right now, but your SAL girls, Isaac, Stacy, Spencer & you are all in my prayers today. *hugs* I'm so sorry for all the pain you are all going through.

Valerie said...

I couldn't have said it any better myself. Thank God we all have each other.