Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just call me Chanandeler Bong!

If you aren't a Friends aficionado, you may not get the title reference, but that's okay. I still think it's funny.

I was checking my Sitemeter account -- it's the tracker that tell me who is viewing the blog and when and from where and all that good stuff. So "HI!" Mom and Uncle Don and Amy and Val and Mandie and Stacy...

And in the midst of all the Toledo, Austin, St. Augustine, Cincinnati, Glendale (AZ, really? who are you?), I see the following location:

Sana, Hadramawt.

Anyone want to venture a guess where this is?



So, "Hi, Yemen!"

Whoever you are.


Unknown said...

Hey Monica, I check your blog everyday almost. I enjoy reading your stories and seeing Seth grow. So, Hello from FL. ( I show my mom pics of Seth every once in a while - she says Hello as well.) Have you ever checked out Josh's blog/website - www.thegadgetpastor.com - I think you would like it. Keep up the good work your Journalism class is being put to good work:)!

Michelle Burdick

Valerie said...

Hi back to you, Monica!

Seth is growing so fast and getting more adorable every time I see him. Love that pumpkin hat!