Friday, September 26, 2008

Common Thread

  1. I just completed my 20 hours of continuing education for my Ohio Property and Casualty License.
  2. We just got our first Ohio Sonic (in case you missed my gazillion posts about it).
  3. My mother just switched my gift subscription of Southern Living to Midwest Living.

Do you know what these three items have in common? The answer to come, soon. (If you know [Daina!], don't reveal it in the comments.)


Brandi Bee said...

You have moved.

Sara said...

You're moving away from Ohio now that your license, your magazine & your Sonic have all moved here...? Maybe?! You're killing me, Monica!

Anonymous said...

your as confused as I am lol you best not be moving away hardly see ya now.
love ya Aunt Cathi

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm confused and I want to know!!!

Anonymous said...

ok Brat did you get a Sonic franchise and not telling me, I am to old to wait so best be telling me
Well still love ya
Aunt Cathi