Friday, September 26, 2008

Today IS the 26th, isn't it?

So, y'all remember this post? About those three things I was going to accomplish for BooMama's Before and After?


Not so much.

I could list all the reasons they didn't get done.

Like the 2 weeks of sleeping hell we endured while Seth...well, whatever it was he had to work through.

Or that I contracted (and still have lingering traces of) some deadly illness that has just kicked my butt. Seriously, I've been averaging 8+ hours of sleep a night (and I usually get less than 6).

Or just that I can't justify scrapbooking, when I haven't put laundry away in, um, a couple weeks. (Don't judge. It's done. It's just not put away.)

I could make my excuses.

Or, I could just send you over to BooMama's, and you can peruse the accomplishments of the non-slackers who actually DID their B&A.

Go get inspired.


Stacy D said...

To-do lists are over-rated :) They end up doing more to show me what I didn't scoomplish rather than helping to guide me in what I want/need to accomplish :)

Go get that sleep... sounds like you need it :)

Angela said...

I found your blog through Stacy's (which I found from another friend's...but I digress...). Anyway, I've just wasted too much time reading up on you and your family. There are dishes to do and there's a baby to nurse, but, hey, there's always time for that, right? I wondered if I could add your blog to mine so I can check in more often. Maybe just leave me a comment if that's okay?
Angela in Georgia

Brandi Bee said...

I love to-do-lists. They actually motivate me. But they aren't any good when i cant find them. Which sometimes happens. Then i plop down on the couch and think, wasnt there something i was supposed to do today. LOL said...

Hi Monica - your blog is cute - Michele showed it to me. Your son is adorable!
Melissa Stacey-Dell