Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Target Trauma

Updated: I decided to let Angie know about this, via email, and she responded that she was not aware, but intends to contact Target. I feel somewhat badly that I was the "bearer of bad news," but on the other hand, I'm really happy I stepped out and emailed her, so that this can be corrected, if that is what she and Todd would want.


This will make sense only to a few of you who read the blog, but has anyone else noticed the complete invasion of privacy going on in the Invitation section of Target?

I was there with a girlfriend earlier tonight, shopping for invites for a baby shower we're hosting, and there, as a sample birth announcement were the details "Audry Caroline," "April 10, 2007," "7 lbs, 1 oz," and "Proud parents, Todd and Angie Smith."

I was stunned.

I mean, yes, several, um, critical details are wrong, but.....I just can't believe this is a coincidence, and it really upset me!

Do you think Angie knows about this? Do you think it upsets her, too? Is this in someway a legal breach of some sorts?

Okay, internets-who-this-makes-sense-to, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh Monica, that makes me so sad. I wonder who to talk to (Target, distributor, manufacturer) to get them pulled. That is so wrong on so many levels. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I am sure there is someone out there who will know what to do.

phasejumper said...

I'm confused...do you know those people? I assumed it was all made up information.

Katie said...

I can't believe that. I mean maybe if it just had her name on it, but the parents names-that is too much. I hope there is someone that knows how to get that fixed. I think that is an invasion of something