Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TSWD and a mid-week update

I stumbled across this blog a couple weeks ago, and hope to get into it regularly. It's also supposed to be on Monday, not Wednesday, but since the blog has been boring, sure to the lack of ability to upload pictures, I thought this would be a decent post to bring you all up to speed.

So, my Simple Woman's Daybook for Wednesday, November 19th:

Outside my window...snow/frost still lingers, and the temperature is hovering at 25 degrees

I am thinking...about Adrienne, Jim, and Owen

From the learning room...Seth is trying so very hard to walk and attempting to master coming back down the stairs

I am thankful for...people who paint other people's homes. Well worth the pretty penny we'll spend to have it done.

From the kitchen...fajitas. I had the fixings in the freezer, and since I only have one pan left that is unpacked, it worked pretty well. But there is nothing on the agenda tonight. Thank goodness Sara is feeding me tomorrow.

I am wearing...ivory sweater, brown and gold skirt (too lightweight for this weather, I've discovered), brown heels, and a sassy bronze necklace.

I am reading...directors' and officers' liability policies. Oh yes, I'm living it up, I am.

I am hoping...that the following items turn up (as I've discovered I don't know there whereabouts): camera USB; the porcelain figurine that was our wedding cake topper; and my shimmery gold Mary Kay lip gloss.

I am creating...a mess. Only 3 more days of chaos and boxes....well, until the chaos and boxes descend on Nashville.

I am hearing...clicking keyboard keys.

A few plans for the rest of the week...packing tonight, dinner with Sara and the girls tomorrow, pick up Jim from the airport, work, pack some more, pick out paint colors, move in (temporarily) with parents.

And there you have it. Not much else is going on that's not up in that post somewhere. Hope y'all have a happy hump-day!


Sara said...

I just caught up on Adrienne, Jim & Owen's blog & am sitting here crying. The last time I popped over there, I thought it was a sure thing. Oh, I'm so sad for them! :(

Kendra said...

I am thinking of Adrienne & family too...waiting for an update.
Hope your packing goes quickly and your lipgloss is found =-)
Happy hump day to you!

Liz Harrell said...

I cannot imagine the sheer heaven of having someone else paint my home... that's my dream!

amy (metz) walker said...

"I am reading...directors' and officers' liability policies. Oh yes, I'm living it up, I am." SO FUNNY!