Saturday, April 18, 2009

Itty Bitty update 4/18/09

How far along? 20 weeks even

Total weight gain/loss: Gained back the four lbs lost, so I'm +/- 0 lbs for the pregnancy.

Maternity clothes? Getting there. There is definitely a bump starting to form.

Stretch marks? Nope, but I've started lathering on the body butter, just in case.

Sleep: Eh, some. I've napped quite a bit this week. I think Seth is going through a growth spurt, so he's napping more, and I've joined him a couple days.

Best moment this week: Seeing our little baby on the ultrasound on Wednesday.

Movement: Oh, my, yes. More and more, and definitive. We have another kicker!

Food cravings: Still sugar, any form.

Gender: Gut was WRONG! We will welcome another son in August.

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Eating more than three bites before feeling full.

What I am looking forward to: Working on our name list.

Weekly Wisdom: n/a

Milestones: Hitting the magic "half-way" point of 20 weeks, and finding out the baby's gender.

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Sarah said...

So excited for you! It was good to see you and spend some time talking. Glad you have been able to catch some naps too!