Thursday, April 2, 2009

I feel like Noah...

You might know the song; if so, sing along with me:

The rains came down, and the floods came up.
The rains came down, and the floods came up.
The rains came down, and the floods came up.
And the tornado sirens went off AGAIN!

What's that you say? That's not how it goes? Well, today, around here, that's our version.

It was a gorgeous morning, but every station was warning that the storms would arrive around 3:00 pm. And sure enough, when I went to turn on my daily happy time (ie The Ellen Show), all it was, literally, was doom and gloom. Severe weather. Flash flooding. Tornadic activity.

As I type, it is 5:43, and it hasn't let up. (And yes, I'm blogging mere feet from our "safe place" (downstairs closet doesn't really compare to our beautiful finished basement in T-town, but what can you do?), so relax.)

We've already had two tornadoes touch down -- one just miles from Jim's office (where his only complaint so far is that it's raining inside) and one just miles from our home.

Since I have no doubt that we will be safe, I can only wonder if I'm going to miss the series finale of ER. I know, it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it is kind of historic. I mean, it's ER. My entire teenage years and young adulthood, this has been the hallmark of Thursday night TV. Seinfeld, Friends, The Office. These will come and go. But ER? Not always great, but always there.

I suppose the safety of the metro Nashville is a good enough excuse if the weather forces our local NBC affiliate to push aside the 3-hour finale. But after a BUSY day of errand-running, testimony-writing (for MOPS), and suitcase-packing (home to OH tomorrow!), all this girl wants is a big bowl of pasta with a side of garlic bread and Drs. Doug Ross and John Carter. ;)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You are too funny! Yes, Noah was by here today earlier, as well. Glad to know that you saw him, too!
And our sirens went off again tonight about 8:15-ish and I turned on the TV- ER was on, but ABC and CBS had gone to weather coverage! haha! I think they knew what was coming for them if they changed it!

Kendra said...