Sunday, September 26, 2010

I found one!

Recent picture of Seth, that is.

But it makes my heart hurt.  Because he looks SO much older than two, I think.

mid sept 007 
I know the day is coming all too soon that he won’t be able to fit in my laundry baskets to watch Cars.  So, today, I gladly schlep the clean clothes to the couch sans tote, and cherish his littleness for just a bit longer.


Sara said...

Love it! I think kids with darker features always look older than their fair-skinned, light-hair counterparts. Zeke's always looked ready for his AARP card while in a crowd of peers. Regardless, laundry basket dvds are the best kind. ;)

Angela said...


My oldest (Andrew) is 4 1/2.

Just yesterday, I got nostalgic about my middle son, Benjamin, and when he was born. (He's 2 1/2.)

Andrew was 25 months old when Benjamin was born.

So I was sitting on my couch, getting all teary-eyed about when Benjamin was born, and how much my heart *hurt* that day b/c we found out about his Down syndrome.

And then.....a picture came up that really tugged at my heart.

My 25-month-old Andrew. *SUCH* a baby then. And he grew up without consulting me. And I didn't really realize it until last night when I saw that.

I hugged my six-month old Thomas a little closer then, because he will be grown before I know it.