Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It was a quiet morning around here.  With Seth off to school, and the bulk of my early-week chores completed yesterday, Erin and I ran a few errands, and then cuddled up with some butterscotch cocoa (for me) and Tylenol (for her).

After the mister came home from school, though, is a different story altogether.  Out come the toys, on come the cartoons, and the noise fills the house (in a good way!).

Erin’s contribution (since she still hasn’t produced even a hint of “mama” or “dada” or “Seth”) was to tickle the ivories:

play me a song, piano bean
And can I just say…that sticker chart that’s peeking out?  It only has 32 spots left to fill.  And that is SOOOOOOO exciting.  (And to those of you thinking “isn’t 32 still a lot?” I say, not really, considering I made the chart with 120+ boxes to fill.  I knew potty-training was gonna be a long chore.)

But Seth is doing SO well (despite being up to my, literal, elbows in toddler poo yesterday), and I anticipate that at some point this weekend, we will place the last sticker and the MUCH talked-about and LONG anticipated reward of the King’s Helicopter!!!!!! will make an appearance in our mailbox.

My only fear (and it’s a hefty one) is that once the goal is achieved and the helicopter is received, that the allure of getting a sticker for pottying will go poof!!! and we’ll have to start all over…..

But I’m staying positive, and hoping that Seth is enjoying a diaper-free life as much as I am.

Anyway…… ;)  Won’t y’all be glad when the potty-training talk is over and done with?  I WILL!

Now, back to my noisy little ones, who, from the sound of it, are trashing the living room!

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Kelly said...

Love that pic!

Go Seth! For us, the interest did wane a little after the first prize, so we have continued doing smaller incentive toys (like a $4 puzzle) once every few weeks since. I'm sure my next difficult task will be weaning him from the sticker chart, lol!